An end-to-end robotic solution.

Streamlined automation systems. Built by you. 

An evriiRobot is an end-to-end robotic solution that allows for the dynamic configuration of automation solutions with full-stack control ensuring the right robotic application to meet your production goals.

Automating the Automation

Each evriiRobot workcell utilizes a generative code base that is determined by the custom configuration to ensure the robotic solution is curated according to the application’s specific needs. Deployments for evriiRobot workcells include pick-and-place, packaging, palletizing, depalletizing, case erecting, painting, and more. 


The intuitive web-based build platform minimizes time to production while enabling a cost-effective method to customize and implement automation solutions. 

evriiRobot AT A GLANCE


The evriiRobot platform allows for easy configuration, streamlined development, and rapid deployment of automation solutions on your factory floor.


Experience the power of continuous improvement. An evriiRobot solution evolves as new features and capabilities are implemented. With agility comes flexibility. When your application or product changes, the evriiRobot architecture makes updating the workcell simple.

Production Ready

An evriiRobot is an industrial solution designed to live on your shop floor for years to come. Using proven leaders in automation hardware like Fanuc Robotics, Rockwell Automation control hardware, and Apera AI vision systems, evriiRobot solutions are built to perform in any modern manufacturing facility.


The proprietary algorithms that power the evriiRobot platform ensure industry leading operational system delivery. Based on the configuration, an evriiRobot will be equipped with hardware and software optimized for your application.

Backed by Experience

An evriiRobot is a complete solution. Each system is backed by Concept Systems Inc, a systems integrator with more than 20 years of experience delivering high-performance factory automation. As a Fanuc Robotics ASI and Rockwell Gold Systems Integrator, Concept’s expert team of engineers and technicians will be with you every step of the way.

Designed for Safety (DFS)

Safety comes first with an evriiRobot. Each system includes a safety risk assessment and has been designed to comply with ISO and RIA safety standards.

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